LED Handrail as eyecatcher

safe & sustainable

LED handrail safe and sustainable

An ILLUNOX® LED handrail or balustrade provides a safe environment within the public space. Convenient for users of stairs and walkways. Steps and grounds will be lighted perfectly by the illuminated handrail. Exactly where is needed.

The ILLUNOX® LED handrail consists of sustainable materials and energy efficient LED lighting. An investment that will last and will provide visual added value for building projects.

atmospheric & functional

LED handrail atmospheric & functional

Create atmospheric and architectonic light lines with the ILLUNOX® LED handrail or balustrade system. The LED handrail provides atmospheric and functional lighting. Depending on the type of project, a variety of light intensities and colors are available.

LED handrail as lighting fixture for a broad variety of projects is now easy and within reach with the ILLUNOX® system. Explore the possibilities!

in- & outdoor

LED handrail indoor and outdoor

Whether creating & developing an indoor or an outdoor space: the ILLUNOX® LED handrail is suitable for any lighting application. To lit stairs at train and metro stations, to provide illuminated LED handrails in theaters or illuminated stair railings at hotel entrances.

In short: in any form or feature: the ILLUNOX® LED handrail always fits


Therefore, the ILLUNOX® LED handrail!

Easy to realize

Light lines with LED lighting are to be used more and more. On the one hand in projects in and around buildings and on the other hand for projects in the public space. ILLUNOX® offers a practical solution and makes these LED lines easy to realize. And in a variety configurations, railings and light are combined beautifully and functionally. Get familiar with the ILLUNOX® effect!

Applicable everywhere

Design railings in projects as true EYE-CATCHERS. Add the ILLUNOX® additional value into the ‘look and feel’ of a project. And thus integrate energy-saving LED lighting completely in the architectonic project lines. As stair lighting the ILLUNOX® LED handrail is an obvious application. However, the ILLUNOX® LED handrails can also be used as lighting of pedestrian and cyclists bridges. There is no limit to the variety of applications: only ones’ imagination.

Customization options

The ILLUNOX® system can be easily customized for any situation. A choice can be made from a variety of railing types: round, square or rectangular. And a wide range of LED lighting colors and intensities is available. For each project there’s an appropriate choice. Tailor-made services are also provided. For example, if a light line needs to be attachted in or on a specific construction. The ILLUNOX® advisors are gladly challenged to create the best possible solution for your project.

Awarded with the RED DOT Design Award

Shortly after the market launch of ILLUNOX® its added value was underlined by the award of the RED DOT design award 2015. Rated by the RED DOT organization on the additional value of the design and function. Since then the ILLUNOX® system has definitely proven itself with different projects and various applications.

Further information?

At products you can read more about the possibilities of the ILLUNOX® system. For more information or a project-oriented advice please feel free to contact us.

LED handrail

for professionals

Smart, safe & sustainable! All three qualifications apply to the LED lighted ILLUNOX® stainless steel handrails:

It’s an easy and practical solution for adequate lighting. On stairs, sidewalks, entrances, ramps and corridors, for example at:

  • Train and Metro Stations
  • Airports
  • Offices & Catering
  • Theatres & Cinemas
  • Shopping Centers
  • Parking garages
  • Hospitals & Care Centres
  • Public Space
  • Private Homes

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