25 November 2014

ILLUNOX® in private residences

Private residences and an ILLUNOX® handrail with LED lighting
The ILLUNOX® systems executed as handrail on the wall or as balustrade with LED lighting, are not only suitable for professional projects, but can also have excellent added value in private homes. Also home owners are looking for methods to alleviate their stairs safe and durable and, therefore, to create a special look. The stainless steel of the railing fits in every Interior and remains a timeless investment.

Application of the handrail with LED lighting
In most cases in private projects the stainless steel handrails have a diameter of 42.4 mm. This is the most common diameter used indoors in private settings because this is the diameter most userfriendly. With regard to the integrated LED lighting almost always is chosen for the 3,000 K, warm white LED strip Deco. The Deco LED strip basically has a decorative function but provides sufficient lighting in an application with a relatively narrow staircase as in a private residence.

Examples private projects
The following images present some examples of applications of the ILLUNOX® stair railings with LED lighting in private homes. 

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