16 September 2015

Restaurant Brownies & DownieS Wijchen

Since early 2015 the special concept restaurant Brownies & DownieS has been established in the active hart of the vibrant village of Wijchen, The Netherlands. The concept of the restaurant is unique because a part of their staff has Down’s syndrome. These employees fully operate with special guidance in the daily business of serving lunch and dinner to their guests. They execute their tasks with the most attention and care. On their happy faces one can easily see that they really enjoy their work. Therefore it’s a great pleasure to enjoy your lunch or dinner at the restaurant: there is always a special personal touch and guests as well as the waiting staff receive the attention they deserve.

Renovation of restaurant Brownies & DownieS Wijchen

The property is in the run-up to the establishment of Brownies & DownieS beautifully renovated,  preserving old elements and creating a perfect balance between the monumental character of the building and a modern interior and appearance. An extension has been realized at the rear with a stylish light dome that fits perfectly to the authenticity of the property. In fine weather, one can take a seat on the spacious terrace in front of the property or in the garden behind the restaurant. This makes that the is restaurant both a visual and culinary asset to Wijchen.

Application of the stainless steel handrail with LED ILLUNOX®

Within the building the ILLUNOX® illuminated stainless steel handrail has been mounted at the stairs leading to the first floor with the offices. In close cooperation with the building owner, the configuration of the handrail has been determined. The handrail has been mounted on the outer part of the wall. In de corners the handrail has been welded  and beautifully finished and polished. On the top of the stairs the handrail has a horizontal piece for convenience of the usage of the stairs. As you can see, the handrail gives the office staff a beautiful and safe journey to their work space. The handrail with LED lighting provides a practical lighting on these dark stairs. No additional lighting is necessary.

Technical details of the illuminated ILLUNOX® handrail

The stainless steel ILLUNOX® handrail is executed in handrail system 42 with a handrail diameter of 42,4mm. The into the handrail integrated LED lighting is the version Deco with the light colour 3.000k. This Kelvin value offers a warm white lighting. The Deco LED strip is a decorative LED strip with the least light output of the three light outputs one can choose from. However for this project with its narrow hallway and stairs, the light output is excellent.

Completion: 2015

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